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Gimnazjum z Oddziałami Integracyjnymi nr 12

im. Księdza Kardynała Karola Wojtyły

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- Well-equipped classrooms and labs with interactive boards and OHP’s.


- Theatre club where plays for school special days are prepared. Owing to great dedication of teachers and students, we have an opportunity to participate in excellent quality plays. One of them, entitled “Na rozstajach dróg” (“At the Crossroads”) was shortlisted in an online TV theatre competition.


- Very active and efficient student council which shapes every-day school life and supports national charities. The council has its own office.

- Students participate in many local citizen enterprises


- The school magazine „Nasz Czas” („Our Time”) is one of the best ones in the city, it won the first place in the Krakow competition of school newspapers in the years: 2002, 2006 and 2011.

- All students take mock middle school exams every year of their education at our school.

The School Mission

- Bringing our students up through imitating the school’s Patron, Cardinal Karol Wojtyla.

- Supporting student development, their talents and gifts; making the educational opportunities equally good for all students

- Undertaking actions for the sake of promoting democracy and aiming at eliminating any prejudice


The School Vision 

- The school enjoys a favourable opinion both within and outside its neighbourhood.

- Our students achieve good results in the middle school exams.

- The students are successful in competitions outside the school (in school subject contests as well as in other ones).

- The school offers attractive and stimulating extracurricular activities and clubs which help students develop their hobbies and passions

- Students’ educational results are promoted

- Teachers keep perfecting their skills and work, and their passions are inspiring for students

- Universal values such as tolerance, kindness, patriotism, respect for other people and excellent manners are promoted in the school environment

- The school provides students with abilities and skills which are vital in later social and professional life

- Not even one talent will go wasted at our school

- The school guarantees safe and comfortable conditions for its students

- The school promotes a healthy and active lifestyle

- The school is “Family Friendly” - our students’ parents and caretakers are our partners in all aspects of the school life

- Particular students as well as entire classes are sponsored by natural persons and companies which stimulate student development

- Broadening of the sports offer (number of sports, facilities, equipment) has made PE classes more appealing and incites primary school graduates to choose our school.

- Our students use their good command of foreign languages and high IT skills in everyday life and while doing international projects.

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